WordPress was started as a blogging tool but now it is a complete content management system.WordPress provides a platform which facilitate user to develop functionalities and fit for Individual user to enterprises clients.Being on top position as most userfiendly as highest number of user it provides a community support for multiple functional themes .plugins and support.


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WordPress CMS website development
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CMS Development
CMS Development

Imbibed with cutting-edge and user compelling solutions, we help organizations by transfiguring their business model and streamlining their core operational processes. Enterprises can embark on whether with their apparent CMS solution or let our CMS experts decide to initiate custom CMS development to ensure better productivity ahead.

Custom WordPress Development
Custom WordPress Development

Emphasizing your unique business processes, your targeted geo-locations, and customer type, we deploy enterprise-centric solutions impacting your business to expand its capabilities along with sustainable growth. Our experts can strategically customize your solution addressing your core necessities to get the most out of the investment.

E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Development

Reinforcing your end-to-end e-commerce activities, we deploy e-commerce enriched WordPress solutions to seamlessly manage your online store, effortlessly deal with customers, and drive effective & result-driven strategy when integrated with e-commerce empowered WooCommerce plugin.

Plugin & Theme Development
Plugin & Theme Development

To entice and engage your potential buyers, we develop user-compelling & rich navigational themes & templates while ensuring the extended functionality by integrating pertained plugins including payment solutions, global compliance, accounting & finance and more. Our theme & plugin development solutions help enterprises to drive productively.


Permalinks for Multiple Wordpress blogs
We recently had a customer who had Windows Hosting with IIS and she had two WordPress blogs hosted on two subdirectories on the same hosting space. Windows hosting should be the last thing that should come to your mind when you want to do WordPress hosting as it will never come close to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) functionalities. Now the problem was that she could not set up Permalinks on both blogs. There was an already published solution on how to setup Permalinks in Wordpress on IIS but we had to tweak that a little to get it working in this scenario. The original solution involved the use ofcustom 404 files to handle Permalinks. Since permalinks are not actual pages they will always trigger a 404 error on an IIS server. Now by assigning our own php file to handle this error we can easily parse the URL requested and pass it on to index.php to simulate url-rewrites. The solution presented in the above site allowed for a single wordpress installation. Here we had two wordpress installations in two sub directories. The solution was to process the request and identify the installation corresponding to which the request was made based on the sub-folder name. Once this was done all we had to do was change directories (for the case where it was needed) and then include the corresponding index.php. We had to chdir because otherwise the working directory would have been the directory where the 404 handler file is located and this could only work for a single installation. The code used is given below. Copy this and modify for your needs when you have multiple wordpress installations under a domain in IIS and you want Pretty Permalinks for all of them <?php $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = substr($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], strpos($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], ':80')+3); $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; if(stristr($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], '/blog/')) include('index.php'); elseif (stristr($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], '/books/')) { chdir('../books/'); include('../books/index.php'); } else header("location:http://4sometime.com/blog"); If you have questions or problems, use the form given below and we can try to help you. Ideally you should be looking for Linux Hosting Plans when you are looking at Wordpress as your blogging engine. You can also take a look at our competitively priced Linux Hosting Plans